Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ability of Invention

We all escape reality once in a while, but i tend to do it a lot and at times i barely know what is reality.

I remind myself of a little girl creating imaginary friends and creatures. As silly as this may sounds they are the only 'people' that won't ever 100% let me down.

I create nice pictures in my head, where I'm living in the snow in a beautiful house writing right in front of the wood burning fire place and i can see the ivory snowflakes falling from the dull sky above or where I'm passing through the park seeing the colors of amber, mustard and crimson splashes of crumpled leaves scattered across the wide open space.

I read intriguing books where I want the stories to end up being a real life incident in my existence. Then i make up other beautiful or mind whizzing stories in my head that I wish would happen to me also.

Then there are my dreams...
I close my eyes and the most amazing things can appear, the most amazing things that aren't in my reach. But I'm still blessed at the thought of having those dreams. The only thing I hate is when i forget them in the morning. Who knows, maybe one of my dreams will come true one day.

Never let you're imagination run away from you, never let it dull down.
It's the one thing you've got to keep you going although it leaves you
sitting and waiting, sitting and waiting, but for what? A miracle perhaps

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