Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today as I read my book on the train, I read chapters by the name of "Identification With Things" and "The Lost Ring". These two chapters had made me come to my senses. As I thought deeply into the words that I was reading, It made me really take notice and realize that materialistic items are purely a way of boosting our egoistic minds and being. It stated "We are buying identification enhancers". That is utterly true, but whether people know that or not they still do care about appearance/reputation/lifestyle etc etc. The majority of people or you could even say everybody wants to look their best, by buying clothing, cosmetics, getting surgery. Everybody wants to have a nice house, whether it's an ocean view, wondrous garden, stylish interior/exterior design. Everybody is doing these things to satisfy others and themselves. Why? Why does everybody have to care that much? No matter what, humanity will care. I mean I buy "identification enhancers" even if it's just to please myself.

In the next chapter it was explaining how if we let go of a possession of value or meaning, from you're mothers diamond necklace to even just a childhood toy. It won't change "who I am", will it? No. It's teaching people how to let go of items and yes you may fell diminished but In actual fact who you are won't be diminished. You're head simply gets confused, thinking that, that cherished/important item is a part of who you are.

I'm learning and getting a sense of who I am.
I all advice you to read this book, "A New Earth" By Eckkhart Tolle.


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