Tuesday, May 5, 2009

nothing is comprehendable

Finally an update. I haven't had my internet router working in a couple of weeks so i thought why not connect it to the modem so now I can't write in my room.

How have we all been? What has been happening? Any updates?
I have some, I suppose.

My eyes were locked on someone and still is and I literally think about no one else or even notice other people around.
But I should start to think again, when something special happens, it doesnt last does it?
Well I haven't experienced it yet, obviously.
My situation may just end as it only has started. What a quick finish.
A lesson I have learnt over and over again: nothing can last without pure devotion and strong feelings.
But then again i may be too young to even comprehend situations like these.

I honestly want decent people to meet. People who can inspire more, people who can show me the world through their eyes. I want to meet people with a lot of charisma and people who have a warm beautiful heart.

More news...
Family problems, my sister, her step dad, whom is my dad and mom.
I can not bare seeing my sister sad and in tears.
Full stop.

Even more news..
Nikki and I want to go on a road trip to Broome, silly idea, I know.
We plan on leaving Western Australia and to go somewhere cold and beautiful,
yet we want to visit a hot tourist town.
So we are planning to drive up with Bethany in a few months time just to get out of this dull city.

I lead an interesting life, I know...
But writing on here gives me a way to express things.

Oh and one more thing.
Stick to things you have started and never create things that you think will finish.

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