Monday, May 18, 2009

You are low and I am high

I don't find you worthless, I don't believe anybody is worthless. Nor do I hate you, nobody should be hated. I despise you.

I believed a lot when I started to get to know you. I opened up and let you into my life, easily.
Oh what a silly mistake I made there...
but then again isn't life about making mistakes? And you say what you did was a mistake, maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, will i ever honestly know? But whatever It was and no matter how it made me feel, I am taking this as a learning point in life. Obviously I feel diminished but who I am is no where near it's presence. I may feel emotionally weak but mentally I'm stronger than I have ever been.

I thought we could grow together, to trust each other, to tell one another our problems and inner thoughts. To let our progressive relationship grow into something beautiful. See? What silly things i made myself think but somewhat natural. We all fall for it and tend not to learn but oh I will. My guard is up, my barrier won't be easy to break now.

From what I have recently experienced I will no longer be able to trust someone as easily as I did to you. I will no longer be able to trust myself and my instincts easily. Time... that's what I need. Time.

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